Child Constipation Remedies

Is your child having a hard time with bowel movement? Have you firsthand seen your child experiencing pain and discomfort? Is it happening too often? I experienced it with my son when he was around 18 months. I didn’t like seeing him in pain and trying to avoid a bowel movement due to the pain he experienced. I remember him trying to past in his sleep and he would have to wake up in the middle of the night just to try and not be successful.  In return you and your child don’t get the rest/sleep you deserve. He wouldn’t have the appetite to eat due to hiscomfort.  In this article you will read about some of the most common and very effective child constipation remedies that I have used, given from my pediatrician and endless searching on the internet.

What could be the causes my Child is Constipated ?

There are many reasons why your child is constipated. As for my son, he was constipated due to multiple things. He was still drinking milk in a bottle at an older age. Our Pediatrician advise us to stop giving him milk in a bottle due to rotting in the teeth and the risk of him having iron deficiency anemia (as most pediatrician would say).

In return he would not have a good appetite and would not drink too much water due to being full of milk. At his younger age, he disliked eating vegetables and fruits. I always wondered why he didn’t like fruits too much because they were sweet. Who doesn’t like sweets right.  Listed below are some common reasons why your child could be constipated.

  • Not enough water intake
  • Not enough fiber intake (consuming lots of process food, meats, white bread, etc..)
  • Consuming too much dairy products (Transitioning from breast milk to formula)
  • Not having bowel movements regularly due to painful experience will create build up and harden stool. They could also skip bowel movements due to playtime disruption
  • Change in diet (Transitioning from baby food to solids, eating fatty and spicy food)
  • Stress/change daily routine (anxious about starting school, using the bathroom in public)
  • Medications (for children taking Iron for Iron deficiency)

Signs that my Child is Constipated

My son always cried whenever he had to pass. His face would turn so red and accompanied by a groan that he is exerting a lot of effort on pushing his bowel. Three or less bowel movement within a week, due to him being afraid of going through the pain. Crossing his legs to prevent bowel movement knowing that he has to go through the pain again. No appetite, too focus on not making bowel movement or exhausted from bowel movement. These were the signs that I  had notice whenever he was trying to pass.

Remedies to Constipation

Here are the child constipation remedies that I used at home:

  • Make sure your child is drinking enough fluids. Bieng hydrated is the key to help constipation. Helps the waste loose. Water also helps flush toxins in the body. (4-8 glass of water per day)
  • Avoiding dairy products such as milk. Specially formula milk that contains excess amount of iron. Try using low-iron formula to see if that will help
  • Adding fiber to their diet, softens the stool and making it easier to pass  (High fiber food such as oatmeal, brown rice, beans, whole grain bread/cereal, graham crackers) Fiber Content in Food
  • Exercise (keeps the blood flow through the intestine, and its healthy living)
  • Eat fresh raw fruits (Berries, Apple w/skin, oranges, pears and peaches, Dried dates/prunes/figs /raisins and apricot)
  • Eat vegetables (dark leafy green vegetables, green beans/peas, artichokes, brusssel sprouts)
  • Old School Remedy (Honey and Lime, serves as a good laxative, adding 1tsp of prune juice to drinks)
  • Rub/massage stomach down, to simulate the flow of the stool
  • Give your child a warm bath to relax muscles before taking a trip to the toilet
  • Do the Bicycle while trying to past (while laying on their back, bend legs toward tummy one at a time)
  • Over the counter laxatives
  • Suppository (Rectal laxative). These laxatives are good for fast constipation relief but does not solve the problem. These works magic, but not fun to administer.


The steps I had to take to combat my Child’s Constipation. First, we had to get rid of the milk consuming. One night we just didn’t offer him any milk (cold turkey). His reaction was like someone going to a withdrawal. Just cried and cried reaching his hands out for milk. We did not remove it completely but decreased the amount and frequency.

Secondly, since the milk was out of the way he was able to drink more liquids. This is when we introduce him to better things like juice. That was the initial stage for him to absorb the taste of fruits which we eventually added some real fruits to his diet. Given I didn’t just do it one time. It has to take some time to let your child’s body to get adjusted to the new remedies that have been performed.

If none of these work or if you see blood in the stool, seek your pediatrician. Not getting it solved in time could lead to Chronic Constipation.

If this article helped you in anyway, please leave a comment or share for awareness. “A happy child will have happy parents”.

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  1. Thank you for the article! My nephew is almost 1 and he has been having constipation. I will be sure to forward this to his parents so they can get some ideas of how to help him!

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